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Rosa Webinar Series

Webinar Program

Driving Market Share for Healthcare Products by Integrating Market Modeling

Dr. Bill Brastow
Principal and Chief Technology Officer at Rosa Market Modeling


* Ted Snelgrove, Chief Business Officer, Lexent Bio
* Jean Nelson, Sr International Product Manager, Roche

Commercial teams and executive decision-makers in biopharmaceutical, diagnostics, and device companies would love to get a crystal ball to know which product attributes will drive uptake of their product.

Adaptive Discrete Choice Market Models are powerful enough to produce credible market input on desirable product attributes. Based on Nobel Prize-winning work, this analysis technique, when used early in the development and commercialization process, can boost the success of a product, and determine how market share changes when new products hit the market.

This webinar brings together market modeling pioneers and long-time executive-level customers who will explain this breakthrough methodology and how market modeling guided their strategies for the successful commercialization of healthcare products – in some cases in entirely new markets.

In this webinar, the panel will address:

* What are the issues in the commercialization of new biopharma, diagnostic tests, and medical device technologies that market modeling can address?

* When can market modeling be used best to provide insight into healthcare products in development?

* Can market modeling be used in very small markets such as with “orphan drugs” or in entirely new markets?

* Can market modeling be used to determine how new market entrants impact current products?

* What makes market modeling so credible for executive decision-makers?