“I believed in the power of PhysioPD when I first saw it twenty-five years ago, I’ve had a passion for it ever since, and now we have enough experience that I know it works.”
—Ron Beaver, PhD, Founder

About Rosa & Co

Rosa was founded in 2002 and remains an employee-owned, science-focused, and client-friendly firm. Today, Rosa is the worldwide commercial leader in PhysioPD-style Research, with comprehensive basic biology and therapeutic experience, industry-leading modeling expertise, and repeat research engagements with a majority of the Top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

Rosa's ForecastMD Platforms, which offers a credible methodology for determining expected physician uptake for healthcare products, was started by Bill Brastow, Ph.D., in 2005. Our models have helped shape first-in-class markets including novel therapy combinations for HIV and molecular diagnostic tests for Oncology.

Rosa’s staff bring more than a century of aggregate experience in applying modeling to the inherent challenges faced by drug developers and have authored hundreds of scientific posters, conference presentations, relevant patents, and peer-reviewed publications.

Recent Highlights

Rosa & Co. announces the publication of an article on modeling in cancer immunotherapy

Rosa & Co. announced today the publication of an article titled, “From Cold to Hot: Changing Perceptions and Future Opportunities for Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) Modeling in Cancer Immunotherapy,” which was published online ahead of p... Read More

Rosa & Co. announces the publication of an article on modeling the amyloid pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease

Rosa & Co. announced today the publication of an article titled, “Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of the Amyloid Pathway in Alzheimer’s Disease: Insights into the Therapeutic Mechanisms of Clinical Candidates,” which was published online ... Read More

Rosa & Co presents at ACoP13

Rosa & Co. is pleased to announce the presentation of two posters at the 2022 ACoP13 meeting. The posters ‘QSP Model of Aß Accumulation Predicts Different Treatment Effects at Different Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease.’ and ‘Higher Fentanyl Exposur... Read More

Rosa will attend the Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy Meeting

Matt Marano, Chief Commercial Officer for Rosa & Co. will be attending the upcoming Cell and Gene Therapy Strategy Meeting: Europe 2022 on Tuesday, October 11, 2022. See the following link for more details. https://proventainternational.com/211-p... Read More

The Rosa & Co. Executive Team