White Paper

Bill Brastow, PhD

Discrete Choice Modeling for Diagnostic Tests

White Paper

Bill Brastow

Discrete Choice Modeling for Prescription Therapies

Oral Presentation

Vincent Hurez

Personalized Medicine: Perspectives for Multifaceted Autoimmune Diseases

ISoP Virtual Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Week 2023

Peer Reviewed Journal Publication

Renée C. Myers, Florian Augustin, Jérémy Huard, Christina M. Friedrich

Using machine learning surrogate modeling for faster QSP VP cohort generation

Published in CPT Pharmacometrics Systems Pharmacology, Online ahead of print.


Vincent Hurez, Alvaro Ruiz-Martinez, Lesley Benyon, Krishnakant Dasika, Mike Reed, Glenn Gauderat, Audrey Aussy, Laurence Laigle, Sylvie Bretin, Sylvain Fouliard, Emiko Desvaux, Perrine Soret, Joël A G van Roon, Philippe Moingeon

Development of a primary Sjogren’s Syndrome (pSS) quantitative systems pharmacology (QSP) model linking mechanistic pathways to clinical scores.

Presented by Servier and Rosa at the PAGE 2023


Rebecca Baillie, Jared Cui, Krishnakant Dasika, Hans-Christoph Schneider, Panteleimon Mavroudis, Laura Sargentini, Britta Wagenhuber, Katherine Kudrycki, Mike Reed

Incorporating complex drug PK with multiple binding targets into a QSP model to predict combined PD effects.

Presented by Sanofi and Rosa at the PAGE 2023

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