Webinar showcases how Rosa Market Modeling is used to optimize competitive positioning

Today, Rosa & Co. announced that Dr. Bill Brastow, Chief Technology Officer at Rosa Market Modeling, will present a webinar entitled “Driving Market Share for Healthcare Products by Integrating Market Modeling” on Wednesday, March 18.
Hosted in partnership with Marcus Evans, this webinar focuses on how commercial teams and executive decision makers can obtain scientifically rigorous and statistically reliable real-world evidence to define which characteristics and performance levels will drive uptake of their product in the face of numerous potential competitive scenarios.
“Rosa Market Modeling tells you how much your product characteristics will impact share early in product development,” said Dr. Brastow. “Product teams can thereby design clinical trial endpoints and the rest of the product’s profile to maximize return”.
“The integration of Rosa Market Modeling with Rosa’s PhysioPD Research allows us to address in a wholistic manner the most critical clinical and commercial risks faced by our clients” said Ron Beaver, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Rosa & Co. “Both are unique, world-class capabilities that allow project teams and executives to gain understanding of drug-disease mechanisms and health care markets that are difficult or impossible to get in any other way.”
Dr. Brastow’s webinar brings together market modeling pioneers as well long-time executive-level customers to explain the methodology and to discuss how market modeling has guided their strategies for the successful commercialization of healthcare products in existing, and in some cases in entirely new markets.
For more information and to register, go to: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/2...