Rosa & Co. announces the publication of an abstract in 2021 ASCO Meeting Library

Rosa & Co. announced today the publication of an abstract titled, “Modeling shows the NK3R antagonist, ACER-801, reduces treatment-induced vasomotor symptoms,” in the 2021 ASCO Meeting Library.

Rosa team members Rebecca Baillie, Katherine Kurycki, Christina Friedrich, and Mike Reed worked with Acer Therapeutics on this research regarding their pipeline product, ACER-801.

“Using a QSP neurobiology model as a research tool enabled us to evaluate the efficacy of the NK3R antagonist, ACER-801, to treat HD therapy-induced VMS. Simulations show ACER-801 may be highly efficacious for the treatment of induced-VMS. The research provided estimates of DDI with ACER-801 and tamoxifen and what clinical experiments would be needed to confirm those estimates.”

To read the abstract: