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Rosa's ForecastMD Platform credibly identifies what product attributes drive physician uptake.

Commercial teams need credible market input during the development and commercialization process to impact the product profile, drive market share and optimize revenue.

Our key capability is to credibly identify what product attributes will drive prescriber uptake and how a product’s range of performance on these attributes will compare to current and future competitive options.

"Rosa's ForecastMD Platform enables cross-functional and board-level agreement about product design and promotional messaging."

- Ted Snelgrove, Chief Business Officer, Lexent Bio

What Questions Can Rosa's ForecastMD Platform Answer?

  • How will my product perform vs. current competitors?
  • How will potential new competitors impact my product over the next few years?
  • What product attributes and promotional messages are most important to drive demand for my product among prescribers?
  • What is the optimal balance between development cost and commercial value?
  • How will product preference vary among different patient treatment scenarios, physician types, or geographies?
  • How can I convince VCs, PE Firms, and potential M&A partners that there is a commercial demand for my product?

"Rosa's work provided meaningful insight into clinician preferences, allowing Geneoscopy to optimize the attributes of our product to effectively address customer needs and forecast adoption rates in a competitive and diverse marketplace to convey the commercial potential of the product to key stakeholders."

Andrew Barnell - CEO, Geneoscopy

Credible, Custom, Dynamic

Rosa's ForecastMD Platform has shaped new markets, such as first-in-class molecular diagnostics for oncology, and driven the uptake of novel therapy combinations for HIV. ForecastMD Platforms quantify physician preferences for an extensive range of possible product profiles vs. current and future competitors.

Every ForecastMD Platform is customized for each client engagement and is a durable asset that can be used by the client for many years. ForecastMD Platforms are credible because their logic is transparent, and their empirical basis is rigorous.

Rosa's ForecastMD Platform dynamically quantifies how market share changes over time, given changes to product profiles, changes to current competitors, and entry of new products.

The user-friendly and flexible Excel-based ForecastMD Platform supports such activities as product design, promotional messaging, investment strategy, and communication with boards and investors.

“Rosa's ForecastMD Platform is a durable asset that remains useful- even as market conditions change.”

Ellen Goldberg – President, CHORD Consulting

Ron Beaver, PhD, Founder and CEO of Rosa & Co, discusses the benefits of Rosa ForecastMD​ Platform: