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Rosa's industry-proven, scientifically rigorous ForecastMD Platforms are the best way to prove the commercial value of your diagnostic tests. The models can assure investors that your diagnostic test's potential ROI is real and that your terms and evaluations are fair.

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Rosa ForcastMD Platforms

Why Rosa & Co.?

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20 Years Experience

For 20 years, Rosa has delivered insights that are difficult, if not impossible, to achieve in any other way.

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Scientific Rigor

Using advanced applied mathematics-based tools, Rosa’s models consider complex interactions on how all factors interact with a wide variety of current and future competitive scenarios.

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Credible & Neutral

Our ForecastMD Platforms are transparent and cover a wide range of factors, including product performance on key features such as test accuracy, related test logistics, pricing/insurance coverage, and recommendations by thought leaders.

Providing solid and credible evidence, Rosa’s ForecastMD Platforms are the antidote to traditional, unrealistic, overly optimistic revenue forecasts.

Download: The Science Behind the Model

Rosa Market Modeling

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Market modeling pioneers and long-time executive-level customers explain how Rosa's breakthrough market modeling methodology has guided their strategies to commercialize their products.

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Team Ron Beaver

Ron Beaver, PhD

Founder, Chairman, and CEO

Dr. Beaver founded Rosa in 2002 and has 25 years of experience in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and consumer health industries. Under Dr. Beaver’s leadership, Rosa teams create Market Models to guide client decisions such as the positioning of novel diagnostic tests and the implementation of innovative pricing models. Rosa teams also develop PhysioPD™ Research Platforms that clarify connections between disease mechanisms, therapeutic interventions, and clinical outcome.

Bill Headshot White Background

William C. Brastow, PhD

Principal and Chief Technology Officer, Market Modeling

As the Chief Technology Officer of Rosa’s Market Modeling practice, Dr. Brastow leads Rosa’s Market Modeling practice, in which he specializes in the design and implementation of customized market research surveys, physician choice models, and dynamic market models for biopharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

Robert Singer Transparent

Robert W. Singer

Principal, Rosa Market Modeling

Rob Singer brings over 20 years of experience in the healthcare market research field to Rosa & Co. Prior to joining Rosa, Rob conducted market research projects for Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Diagnostic Companies with Promedica and Cello Health Insight. During that time, Rob had the opportunity to partner with Bill Brastow on numerous Rosa Market Modeling projects.

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Shape Created with Sketch. Rosa Market Modeling enables cross-functional and board-level agreement about product design and promotional messaging. Shape Created with Sketch.

- Ted Snelgrove, Chief Business Officer, Lexent Bio

Show investors what they are investing in, why they are investing in it, and what ROI to expect

Download: The Science Behind the Model